At Avellino, we are shaping the future of precision medicine. As a genetic services provider and technology pioneer, we specialize in bringing gene-based diagnostics, data, and therapy to the forefront of modern healthcare practices. Furthermore, we are working to unleash the full clinical potential of genetic data for elevated patient care.


DNA-based testing such as AvaGen makes it possible to establish predisposition to genetic conditions potentially years before the condition is detectable by even the most sensitive clinical tools. This allows patients and their physicians to implement preventive treatments, monitoring programs, and/or lifestyle changes even before symptoms may manifest.


Genetic tests like AvaGen allow eyecare professionals to uncover life-changing information, leading to more precise treatment options and better care over the long term for patients.


It’s only been 7 years since scientists first learned how to splice the human genome using a technique called CRISPR. Avellino is helping to pioneer CRISPR gene editing to cut out disease-causing mutations and make it possible to cure diseases at the DNA level.


Avellino holds the potential to cure inherited diseases such as lattice corneal dystrophy, granular corneal dystrophy, and Reis-Bucklers dystrophy. Look for more breakthroughs on the horizon.


Avellino is building upon the success of its own proprietary Universal test, the world's first DNA test confirming the presence of genetic indicators positively associated with corneal dystrophies. Our latest preemptive diagnostic tool, AvaGen, addresses keratoconus as well as corneal dystrophies, and is set to expand to address Fuchs’ dystrophy, glaucoma, and a wide range of other eye diseases in the near future.


The eye is only the entry point for Avellino’s developments with genetic diagnostics, data, AI, and therapeutic innovations. The potential for advancement in gene diagnostics, gene therapy, and AI-driven genetic data management is limitless.

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