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Coronavirus Safety Program

Now that our world is moving into the Coronavirus recovery phase, your practice needs as safe a way as possible to open again. With the Avellino ACTS Program, you’ll be able to confidently resume care by protecting patients and office staff from Coronavirus (SARS-Cov-2) transmission.

Helping keep your practice and patients safe

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The ACTS program is centered around our FDA and EUA-authorized
AvellinoCoV2 RNA-based test, proven to detect COVID-19 both with &
without symptoms.

Actively working towards the safety of your patients and staff with the AvellinoCoV2 rapid genetic test which detects Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) with or without symptoms.


Coronavirus protection measures, including testing, gloves, face coverings, and continuous sterilization to be performed in your practice every day.


Test every staff member regularly to protect employee and patient health.


Surgical patients to be tested prior to surgery, with recommended pre-procedure quarantine.

Avellino ACTS Program

Staff & Patient COVID-19 Testing Process
ACTS Program Info
  • Or at other intervals as defined by the practice.
  • Other delivery options based on lab proxiity.
  • Staff who test positive are removed from duties and placed in quarantine –all other staff are retested immediately for active infection. Practice to adhere at all times to local and state rules and regulations related to COVID-19.

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Resources for Practices

Download these free tools to actively help your practice and patients keep safe
Practice In-Office kit

Communication tools for staff and patients.

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  • Patient Safety Memo
  • Poster Design
  • Patient Video
  • Appointment Reminder Copy
Practice External kit

Marketing and education tools for community and patients.

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