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Clinicians now have more tools than ever to assess risk and for clinical diagnosis. A patient’s unique genomic information is one of these tools that can also be used to assist in diagnosis, contribute to preventative strategies, and allow for management or therapies to begin at a much earlier stage than ever before.

The Avellino test has been a great diagnostic tool for us. It’s also just the tip of the iceberg of genetic testing, and I think Avellino Labs is leading that. I can imagine an expansive array of testing that can help rule out other pathologies that can present around the time of refractive surgery or other eye conditions.

The good news is that there are emerging technologies that will allow for CRISPR technology, which may be able to reverse these changes. Now I can sit down with a patient that tested positive for disease and be able to say to them that there is good news in the future. It’s likely in their lifetime that we will have a treatment for Avellino dystrophy. This has implications not only for the patient, but also the patient's family members.

William Wiley, MD

Why use a genetic test for keratorefractive surgery patients, Dr John Marshall

“It’s extremely important in genetic diseases, specifically in the eye, that we have as much diagnostic capacity as we can have.”

Genetic medicine is the medicine of the future, but in fact, we already have it today. Avellino has been very successful in screening pathologies of the cornea.

John Marshall

Professor of Ophthalmology, Moorfield’s Eye Hospital, London

Why choose AvaGen for your patients

AvaGen helps provide proactive answers to achieve eye health goals for your patients. This could potentially save a patient from future vision loss.

Tailoring medicine with specific, individualized information for patients is — by definition — precision medicine, and Avellino is leading the way in incorporating precision medicine into modern eyecare practices.

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