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Precision medicine can profoundly impact patient care and outcomes. The ability of genetic tests such as AvaGen to detect possible pathogenic variants before symptoms even appear can empower eyecare professionals in the clinical decision-making process.
With precision medicine, physicians can work with patients to create healthy eyecare strategies, begin preventative measures years earlier, and choose the best possible treatment options.

Professor Andrea Cusumano on genetic testing and corneal dystrophy

Perspectives on refractive surgery and corneal dystrophy.

The role of genetics in improved outcomes

Understanding a patient’s genetic makeup offers clinicians additional relevant information to further elevate care and outcomes, which is the ultimate goal.

AvaGen provides information to clinicians on whether and which genetic variants exist in their patients. With this knowledge, clinicians can move forward with informed treatment and preventive plans of action.

Clinical Bulletin #1

Familial Case of Keratoconus With Corneal Granular Dystrophy in a Family of Iranian Origin

Khosrow Jadidi, Seyed Aliasghar Mosavi, Saeed Morovvati

Typical granular deposits and corneal topographies are observed in the corneas of the right (A) and left (B) eyes of Case 2 (father).

Genetic counseling support

Avellino offers genetic counseling to support healthcare professionals and their patients for interpreting and evaluating test results. Counselors are available to physicians and patients—free of charge—when the genetic test report suggests that the patient is at risk for keratoconus and/or shows a presence of a corneal dystrophy.

Educational support for AvaGen

At Avellino, we strive to make the testing process as seamless as possible for eyecare clinicians and their patients. That’s why we offer comprehensive resources and support for AvaGen, both pre- and post-test.

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