The COVID-19 outbreak has affected almost every facet of life which is why there is a section below on facts, forms, and other sources of information that you can review to help you understand Avellino’s response to SARS-CoV-2.


AvellinoCoV2 RT-PCR Tests

High performance for high confidence, proven in over 2.5 million tests.

AvellinoCoV2 Sales Sheet


AvellinoCoV2 Coronavirus Test

The COVID-19 outbreak has been fast and severe, first affecting the Avellino teams and facilities in China and South Korea.

Avellino Response to Coronavirus Pandemic

Avellino is an early-stage, genetic-testing and personalized medicine company that did not have the resources to halt commercial sales and start producing the company’s novel AvellinoCoV2 test.

HCP Fact Sheet

Corporate Testing Solution

A comprehensive solution for returning to work

Patient Fact Sheet


How to Meet the Clinical Challenges of COVID's Next Phase

Facility B-Roll

Lab Test / B-Roll

Interviews with John Hong - Chief People Officer and Interim General Counsel, Avellino Labs

Audio Clips of Interview’s

Access the Avellino genetic counselor network

Contact Avellino for information on genetic counseling and learn how you can utilize the network to support your patients who need further explanation of their at-risk or positive results.

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